LITTLE RICHARD: Hi there. You'll gather that I'm new here, born just a couple of days ago, causing great excitement.
They've called me Little Richard, but I'm not sure if that's really after the 'Great Balls of Fire' rock'n'roller of Collin's era, or something else.
I'm already up and about, anyway, doing my own rocking and rolling, running, jumping and playing games between drinks - which Mum Shelly seems happy to serve at short notice without complaint.
We were moved thisafternoon, from the Holding Paddock and Yards to the Home Paddock - although, sleeping half the time, I found myself left behind at one point and had to literally make a run for it to find my Mum, although Collin reckons she never lost sight of me.
The focus now is on my cousins' arrival. Can't wait!
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