LittleRichardHS2LITTLE RICHARD:  Hi, me again, finding my feet with this blogging at the same time as finding my legs with this walking that Mum and her mates seem to do so much of with their heads down munching on the Home Paddock pasture.  Personally, I prefer liquid refreshment, and let Mum know so in between games and naps ... mainly naps!  Not that there was much chance of that yesterday, when Imogen, her boyfriend John and their friend Ash descended on the farm with a trail bike. ImmyJohnAshImmyOn
What a racket! And that's a new wombat hole, by the way, alongside the track in the tall picture.

They've built themselves a dirt track alongsdie the wombat hole down behind Bottom Dam and we could hear them buzzing around and around, with just the occasional break in the din when we could hear laughter whenever someone fell off!JohnDown  Anyway, their comings and goings through the paddock broke the motony of waiting for my cousins.  Collin says that Michaela will be first to deliver me a playmate, but I've got to say that Aunty Hazel is looking fit to bust!  Stay tuned!