Green Pastures Square Meater Stud Farm

The Southern Highlands Home of Square Meater Cattle

MichaelaPortraitRED2RED2RED3MICHAELA: Lucky last ... that's me ... and my new baby!MichaelaChild

Maybe it was just because I predicted to be first that I held on ... and held out ... and ... well, nearly exploded!

But I have to admit Collin was on my case yesterday, predicting that I would deliver today ... and was there bright and early to see me and mine saying hello to the day.

I let Collin pat and stroke my little baby after he told me how clever I'd been ... and you might see in his photo that I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Time to go now and feed the baby. More soon ...



We'll soon be taking orders for our next meat deliveries.

Those who bought any of our meat packs last time around will be advised directly of what will be available and dates for pick-up or delivery.

New customers are welcome! Information on meat pack options will be forwarded on request to

As last time, all processing will be closely supervised in line with our view that animals we breed for food need to be treated with respect, and subject to minimal stress.

Certainly, the latest steers being grown for our family, friends and neighbours have been enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, with plenty of sunshine, feed and water aplenty.