NewCalfDay4NEWBIE: Hi, me again, the latest addition to Green Pastures Farm ... and, like Maccas says, I'm loving it!OfficeMeeting
My calf cousins and I have been 'branching out' today - while our Mums have been dining out on a big broken limb of a eucalpt tree. It came down on South Slope under the weight of rainwater on its leaves, which tells you something about the unsual downpours we've been experiencing over Christmas ... the best part of 40mm on Christmas Day alone!

[That's just over one-and-a-half-inches for you non-metricated folk].

So the dams arBranchFeede full (even spilling a bit), the sheep are washed white ('cept for the black ones, of course), and - as you'll see - we'my cous's and I are enjoying being in the 'branch office!'

That's particularly true for me today because my Mum - Michaela - actually delivered my lunchtime drink right to where we were playing.

Collin just happened to be visiting when Mum called me for lunch ... and it was when I didn't respond to what was, after all, only a murmour, that she came looking for me ... and he had to stand back as she trundled in to our tree house/office with her home delivery of milk that may not have been pasturised but was certainly past my eyes! Birds1

After an unusually cool and misty Christmas Eve (lending itself to an open fire at the house, some of us noticed), we've had a return to normal with a warm - 28C - Christmas Day. And with everything newly rinsed, everything's glistening (even if not with snow) and all the birds are back - Fran remarking today on a Whip Bird as well as the King Parrots visiting the house vXmasEggseranda.

Talk about visitors and birds, the house was full to overflowing on Christmas Eve ... I've already mentioned the open fire ... with lots of laugher and merriment.The two youngest guests were seen at one point driving a toy fire engine around the house - complete with lights and siren - beore taking time out to visit the poultry house where they were pleased to find the freshest of eggs!  That helped make it an eggselent day!