LittleRichardHS2Little Richard:  Hi, on this my first Australia Day which for most people - and quite a few of my own kind I hear - seems to centre around barbecues! 

Not so here at Green Pastures Farm, though ... where it seems to have been just another day of hard work for our farmers - although Fran seems to have spent most of her time on her knees ... AustDayGardening

... while Collin has been preoccupied with the latest arrival at the farm.

We heard it was going to be a Stag, but it's definitely mechanical rather than animal, and while it doesn't look like any type of agricultural equipment we've seen before, Collin has been heard to describe it as a Triumph! 

It's certainly got a Stag1throaty roar, but we're yet to see how it might be put to use around the place!

As for me and my cousins, we're now acquiring a taste for the grass which is growing in such abundance due to recent rains that we often can't see each other over pasture that even comes up to Farmer Coll's waist. Ah ... perhaps that's a new grass cutter he's been polishing ever since it arrived!?!?!

There again, we couldn't see very much at all first thing today, the whole farm enveloped in mist.AustDayMist
But it did clear later in the day, and we were able to see what we w
eAustDayPasturere eating!