MichaelaPortraitRED2RED2RED3MICHAELA: Our blogger may have taken a bit of a break, but I can assure you, we've all been 'heads down and bums up' ...through what has been an amazingly wet and warm summer of exceptional pasture growth.
I'm taking the lead in resuming our story because I'm proud to report that two of my offspring have just won prizes at the big Canberra Show!SAM 2720
Mind you, Collin thinks he's deserving a mention for winning first prize in the handicrafts section of the local Robertson Show with one of his early settlers' cottages in pottery.


Meantime, my mummy mates and our superfast-growing-youngsters had a treat today (with Fran away), Collin letting us into the back garden! He said it was for us to see what Fran was doing with the garden, but we suspect it was more to do with us doing his mowing!

Oh, I nearly forgot ... there appears to be a new tractor or something of the sort at Green Pastures Farm ... take a look for yourself!

2015-03-14 17-04-39

Is that a Water Tank on the hill in the distant background? Given the V8 emblem on the green machine, it might be better if it was a Petrol Tank!