Green Pastures Square Meater Stud Farm

The Southern Highlands Home of Square Meater Cattle

MichaelaPortraitRED2RED2RED3 MICHAELA: Well it has to be all up hill from here because Collin has opened up the rest of this hillside paddock for us to roam at will ... and we will!

My sisters and I are still holding on to our calves - and the secret of when they will 'drop' (a technical term surely deserving of some literary attention given no self-respecting female human would refer to the miracle of birth in quite such a dismissive manner!)

Anyway, we're up here on Hammer Hill, with more feed than we can get our tongues around, while we can see our carers in the distance tending their garden whichPlasticWrapped, quite frankly, currently has very little to show for the extraordinary muscular effort so far expended! There's a bit of watering going on, but the recent plantings (or burials!?!?!) are taking their time deciding whether to grow into their new home.

What's more, that Collin spent an hour in the shed this morning "unwrapping" the ride-on mower. Not the whole thing, just the blades after her mowed over a plastic sheet on one of the lawns yesterday. That brought his ride to an abrupt halt, but he was back in the saddle again today having turned threat to opportunity, taking advantage of his having to dismantle the mower's deck to refit the mulching unit. Now we hear he's planning to try it out on one of our paddocks, hoping to encourage even greater pasture growth. Yummm!


We'll soon be taking orders for our next meat deliveries.

Those who bought any of our meat packs last time around will be advised directly of what will be available and dates for pick-up or delivery.

New customers are welcome! Information on meat pack options will be forwarded on request to

As last time, all processing will be closely supervised in line with our view that animals we breed for food need to be treated with respect, and subject to minimal stress.

Certainly, the latest steers being grown for our family, friends and neighbours have been enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, with plenty of sunshine, feed and water aplenty.