NellyNELLY: I'm a bit of a ring-in, not belonging to Green Pastures Farm but living on a nearby horse property. What has brought me into this blog is a visit to my place yesterday by a smartly uniformed Collin, arriving with a colleague in a big red truck labelled "Exeter Rural Fire Brigade."
On one of the hottest days so far this year - over 40C in some places - they were inspecting one of the dams as a possible source of water if we get a bushfire hereabouts. So while they were walking acroHeadsUpRED6ss my paddock I crept up behind them and gave Collin a nudge in the back.  

He got a bit of a shock, but recovered quickly enough and tried to get me interested in joining his band of volunteer firefighters!  I thought maybe the heat had got to him, but evidently they originally had horses to pull the water tanker. Nowadays, of course, that's the job of the big red truck.

I heard later that Collin was the auctioneer at a fund-raising dinner at Exeter's Studio Restaurant, managing to bank over $2,000 for brigade equipment as well as he and Fran having a good time and some exceptional food! Which reminds me ... it's time to get my head in a nose bag.