Green Pastures Square Meater Stud Farm

The Southern Highlands Home of Square Meater Cattle

MichaelaPortraitRED2RED2RED3MICHAELA: Lucky last ... that's me ... and my new baby!MichaelaChild

Maybe it was just because I predicted to be first that I held on ... and held out ... and ... well, nearly exploded!

But I have to admit Collin was on my case yesterday, predicting that I would deliver today ... and was there bright and early to see me and mine saying hello to the day.

I let Collin pat and stroke my little baby after he told me how clever I'd been ... and you might see in his photo that I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Time to go now and feed the baby. More soon ...


HazelHSHAZEL: My turn! And what a turn it's turned out to be!! Not to take anything away from Shelly and her Little Richard ... but take a look at MY new baby!OneHourOld
Born on Imogen's birthday, Collin was there almost at the birth ... and got the first picture at less than an hour old ... with Fran not that much later to see my bundle of joy - all curls and closed eyes.
We don't fuss around quite as much as you humans, so a quick lick and a promise and I was off to breakfast with Hazel and Michaela ... until Fran brought me back for a proper wash and brush up.

I'm biased, perhaps, but I'm a little worried about that Little Richard ... a bit too 'sheepish' if you ask me - at least, off playing with the lambs at the first opportunity!

But back to my 'little lamb' ... as yet unnamed, but I'm taking suggestions if you have one????


LITTLE RICHARD:  Hi, Me again ... STILL waiting for my cousins to appear, but figuring that the wait works to my advantage as I'll always be at least a week older than them!

Fran reckons that Michaela is showing all the signs of being ready to deliver, including a sunken area near her hip bone.  That's supposed to indicate an iminent 'drop' - from a standing start, so they say - but let's see!

Meanwhile, we all remain 'mistified' ... as you should see from one of the photos, showing that Collin found me 'right on track' when the mists for which the Southern Highlands is famous started to clear this morning.

On sunnier days I'm gertting to see more of the farm (and enjoying the views) as Collin and Fran move us into fresh pastures - although I'm yet to acquire a taste for grass. I much prefer my mobile milk bar - which also has the benefit of offering me shelter from the rain!  And we've certainly had plenty of that lately ... enough to drown a hippo so Collin says. Perhaps that's why my cousins are staying put fAllMineor the moment!    Mistified    Milkbar

ShellyLaughSHELLY: Yes, it's the Proud Mum here ... Sheepishly ... No Bull!  Well, YES bull, as it happens! And I'll explain that and the sheepish bit.

We awoke this morning to find just that in two adjoining paddocks ... five sheep (lambs when we looked more closely) in one and, in the other,  a bull!  OK ... half a bull, given it had been 'ringed.' But can you imagine the excitement amongst we three girls!?!?!?!Bull1

Anyway, the bull turned out to be a runnaway from a farm right down the end of the road ... nearer Lothlorien than Green Pastures Farm, in fact, although it was more of a walk-away than a run-away.  

He just sauntered up the road, it seems, and eventually found his way into our place, jumping a fence from a neighbour's place, and landing in a paddock adjacent to ours and the yards ... wherein were to be found three lambs of the sort Mary is reputed to have lost, together with two black ones of Ba-Ba fame. It's hard to keep up with things around here sometimes - and this was certainly one of of those times!

Our neighbourly sheep are here to stay, so we've heard say ... although I suspsect only until Fran finds room ine one of her freezers ... while the bull is already gone ... collected by an owner still puzzling as to how he got out.  My guess - after seeing something of his athleticism - is that he jumped out. Hopefully Hazel and Michaela were witnesses too. It might get them to hop to it with some cousins for my Little Richard!                                                                                           

ChickenHSPECKER: Hi, it's my first time here, so a bit nervous. Not so much. though, as one of my colleagues in GPF's Bird Cage during this week's big SmallEggthunderstorms.
There was enough thunder and lightning to scare the carp out of a fishing pond--or I think that's how Collin put it--and, as you'll see, certainly to have an effect on the back end of one my fellow inmates.
Meantime, we're STILL awaiting the next calf as a cousin to Little Richard, and you should just take a look at 'Michaela's Middle' - she MUST let go of that little critter soon, surely!?!? BigMichaela


We'll soon be taking orders for our next meat deliveries.

Those who bought any of our meat packs last time around will be advised directly of what will be available and dates for pick-up or delivery.

New customers are welcome! Information on meat pack options will be forwarded on request to

As last time, all processing will be closely supervised in line with our view that animals we breed for food need to be treated with respect, and subject to minimal stress.

Certainly, the latest steers being grown for our family, friends and neighbours have been enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, with plenty of sunshine, feed and water aplenty.